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Paired Power EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets, Military and Government Organizations Now Available for Purchase through GSA Advantage and Sourcewell

By: Yahoo Finance

Paired Power, a leading solar powered electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturer, announces that its new flagship product, PairTree™, is now available in the U.S. via the GSA Advantage and Sourcewell lists (through partnership with EV Connect) – enabling federal and state organizations to purchase PairTree at the government’s best authorized prices. American made PairTree solar powered EV chargers combine safe, UL listed battery storage with bifacial solar panels that increase energy yields and lower maintenance costs without clunky tracker mechanisms and moving parts. That means PairTree delivers the most reliable microgrid EV charging system, available day or night.

Unlike traditional EV chargers that require extensive permitting and approvals, tedious installation, and reliance on the grid, PairTree offers standalone, microgrid EV charging that can be installed in less than a day without heavy excavation or construction. This has made PairTree solar EV chargers a popular choice among U.S. cities, governmental organizations, fleets, and businesses that rely on Paired Power to charge their EV fleets and light-duty vehicles.

PairTrees are ideal microgrid power sources because they’re quick-to-deploy, 100% sustainable, fully resilient, and deliver consistent, air-gapped EV charging at zero cost for delivered energy while withstanding both cyber threats and adverse weather conditions. PairTree is designed for wind speeds of up to 130 MPH and 40 PSF snow loads. PairTree draws its sustainable power from the sun, but can also be connected to the grid to generate additional power on site.

Each PairTree combines a 4.6kW solar array with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and one or two Level 2 EV chargers to charge electric vehicles. PairTree’s footprint occupies a standard 9 by 18 foot parking space; multiple PairTrees can be installed side by side in a cascaded configuration to provide higher power to more EV chargers.

“We built PairTree to meet the energy needs of this century,” said Tom McCalmont, cofounder and CEO of Paired Power. “Whether it’s a combination of solar and grid power for commercial or government fleets, or purely off-grid energy for military base customers in remote locations, Paired Power delivers on its promise to provide users with clean, resilient power and a great, consistent customer experience.”

Source: Yahoo Finance