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Paired Power's solar charger PairTree under the canopy


Paired Power partners with EV Connect to deliver clean energy

By James Foster

Paired Power has partnered with the city of Campbell to deliver sustainable, smart energy for Campbell’s first electric vehicle in its public works service centre.

Paired Power will deliver solar electricity through its revolutionary PairTree pop-up solar canopy, combined with Level 2 EV chargers and management software from EV Connect. The installation will charge the city’s first EV truck – a Ford F-150 Lightning Pro.

“It’s gratifying to be an EV charging provider to the city in which Paired Power was founded and has grown its made-in-America business,” said Tom McCalmont, Paired Power CEO. “We’re proud to offer Campbell a clean, resilient energy option and happy to partner with EV Connect to provide onsite EV charging to power the city’s electric vehicles.”

Paired Power and EV Connect’s clean energy installation enables Campbell to establish its first sustainable, resilient EV charging infrastructure. By combining solar power with available grid power and battery storage to deliver day or night charging for electric vehicles, Paired Power’s PairTree provides a fully resilient source of electricity and emergency backup power during grid outages – helping to reduce the city’s dependence on the grid.

The infrastructure was purchased using the resiliency grant from Silicon Valley Clean Energy and presents a significant opportunity for the city and its public works department to integrate EVs into its service centre fleet.

Source: Electric Vehicle Charging & Infrastructure