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Solar Mobile EV Charger Installed in Davis

By The EV Report Staff

The City of Davis has enhanced its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with the installation of a PairTree™ microgrid solar-powered EV charging station by Paired Power. This innovative station, located in the Boy Scout Parking Lot, is the first of its kind in the Sacramento region, aiming to simplify and promote the use of renewable energy for EV charging.

Key Highlights:

  • Location: Boy Scout Parking Lot, 616 First Street, Davis, CA
  • Charging Capacity: Two EV charge ports with Level 2 charging rates (up to 7.7kW for one EV or 4 kW per vehicle for two EVs)
  • Project Phase: Part of the City’s EV Charging Infrastructure Phase 1
  • Funding: Fully funded by the City of Davis’ share of the Electrify Yolo grant ($2 million)

Technology and Benefits:

  • Quick Installation: The PairTree™ charger significantly reduces construction time and costs compared to traditional fixed chargers.
  • Compatibility: Supports all major EV and PHEV models.
  • Sustainability: Provides resilient, solar-powered charging regardless of grid availability.

Mayor Josh Chapman praised the PairTree™ for its swift installation and ideal downtown location, encouraging visitors to explore Davis while charging their vehicles.

Paired Power CEO Tom McCalmont emphasized the importance of delivering renewable energy for EV charging, highlighting the resilience and reliability of the PairTree™ system.

Usage and Accessibility:

  • Cost-Free Charging: Initially available at no cost, making the charging process straightforward—simply plug in to start and unplug to stop.
  • Time Limit: A two-hour parking limit is enforced, including EV and accessible parking spaces.
Solar Mobile EV Charger Installed in Davis

Future plans include installing another PairTree™ charger at Playfields Park in fall 2024. These transportable stations can be relocated based on evolving needs.

Project Funding and Partnerships: The project is part of the Electrify Yolo initiative, a regional effort led by the City of Davis with partners including Yolo County, Valley Clean Energy Alliance, and the City of Woodland. Funded by a 2018 SACOG Green Region grant, Electrify Yolo aims to enhance EV infrastructure across the region.

Source: The EV Report