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California’s Paired Power revolutionizes EV charging with its modular pop-up solar canopy that charges EVs off-grid

By: EV A2Z Staff

California-based energy tech company Paired Power commercially launched its groundbreaking solar-powered canopy that enables off-grid electric vehicle charging late last year. 

What’s special about the PairTree?Primary benefitsPricing

Paired Power claims that PairTree is the first pop-up solar canopy in the global electric vehicle charging industry, which offers “freedom from costly construction and infrastructure upgrades required by traditional solar canopy installation.”

What’s special about the PairTree?

The PairTree uses solar power to charge electric vehicle batteries or to serve as a temporary power source in case of emergency, paving the way for a more sustainable energy solution.

Its installation only takes about four hours on average and its operation does not require electricity grid connectivity. In that sense, it can be an ideal backup power in remote areas and military locations.

It employs a ballasted steel foundation and 4.6 kW bifacial solar panels that boost energy generation by up to 15% compared to conventional panels. To put it in perspective, a PairTree unit’s performance competes with that of a 5.3 kW solar array.

It has a UL 9450-listed lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system. It offers a range of 75 to 230 miles daily, depending on the selected capacity. It can also support one to two Level 2 electric vehicle chargers.

It functions in temperatures between -20F and 120F and resists winds up to 130 mph. The system also offers a mobile app to enable seamless and convenient electric vehicle charging.

“All traffic between the charging stations and the data in the cloud is encrypted, as is all access to the data that we provide for monitoring system performance.” Paired Power CEO Tom McCalmont

Primary benefits

Paired Power claims that the PairTree offers numerous benefits in the shift to electric vehicles and renewable energy, including the following:

  • 100% solar power generation = 0% GHG emissions
  • Fast deployment and installation = Affordable construction
  • No downtime due to grid outages
  • Eliminates utility bill and utility interconnection
  • Offers greater incentives (both for solar and EV charging)


Paired Power’s innovative PairTree costs $28,000 to a whopping $78,000, depending on the battery size and the number of chargers.

The installation expenses may also increase the price by up to $5,000. Fortunately, customers can benefit from a 40% tax credit from the Inflation Reduction Act’s Investment Tax incentive in the US.

Source: EV A2Z